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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Nextgen Technology?

We are Papua New Guinea's largest and most affordable premier domain hosting company.

How can I get a .pg domain?

Simple, head over to our domain registration page, fill in the details and we'll do the rest.

What are my email settings?

Go to our Email Settings page to look up the settings required to setup your email in your mail client.

Based in Port Moresby we are available for the cost of a local phonecall. Unlike other PNG based web hosts, our phones and email are monitored 24/7.

To register a .pg Domain Name with Nextgen Technology, head over to our Domain Registration page and fill in your details. We will email you the necessary forms to sign and return to us via email on or hand deliver at:

Ground floor Mutual Rumana Building, Section 405,Allotment 12 & 13, WAIGANI, Port Moresby, NCD, Papua New Guinea

At present we only accept,, .com, .net, .org,,, and If you have another, please contact us to discuss.

The procedure to transfer a live site from another host depends on the complexity of your site. There are several things that we provide to make your transition easier. Please review the following steps to use as a guideline.

  • Sign up for an account with us.
  • Upload the content of your site to our FTP server
  • We create any relevant database that your site needs
  • We create the email addresses required
  • Test your site using the Instant Alias that we provide.
  • Once everything is good, you may update your current DNS server to delegate your domain to our DNS servers.

If you have a live website with MySQL or other types of database, you may need to stop any updates to the database on the old site to prevent any discrepancies in the data.

Transfer Help

If your site has a significant amount of data to be transferred, we may be able to help you perform direct server to server transfer from your old host. Please send an email with the information about your old account's login information and your new account name with us. We will perform FTP download from your old server using the information provided.

Transferring a .pg domain name

Go to our Domain Redelegate page and fill in the provided form. We'll send you documentation to sign, which will need to be returned to us by email, fax (+675 325 0349) or post it to us P.O. Box 7077, Boroko, NCD 111, Papua New Guinea

Once we receive your form, we'll process it and keep you updated on the progress.


During the DNS transition period, some of your emails may still go to your old host. You need to keep the account open and still check it using your host's mail server's ip address. The best way to do this is to set up a separate account on your email program:

Using the - this will work for your Nextgen Technology account once it's transferred.

Using the old host's mail server's ip address - this will continue to pick up mails that still go to the old host

Alternatively, you can also set up the emails at your old host to be forwarded to another address that isn't involved in the move. This is perhaps the easiest way to not lose emails during transfer.

The Instant Alias

We provide an Instant Alias URL for each of your domains so you can directly access your new site without having to perform the DNS changes. Use this for testing purposes only. Don't use it as a permanent link as the Instant Alias will change if it ever needs to be turned off/on.

As a standard procedure in any information infrastructure, we perform daily backup on all our customers files and databases. This backup is mainly intended for disaster recovery purpose.

Some other web hosting providers only perform a local backup to another hard drive on the same server. Our backup is created on a pool of backup servers over our internal network. This provides a better reliability in the event of hardware failure of any particular server. Furthermore, with the use of RAID1 mirroring system on all our servers, we minimise the risk of hard drive failures.

Our backup can be easily recovered and restored to its original location should it be required. Although the purpose of our backup is for disaster recovery, we can also restore your data should you ever make a mistake and delete everything from your website account.

Please note that backups are kept for a maximum of 7 days before they are rotated out of the system and replaced with a new daily backup.

Detailed statistics are generated for each of your websites, which comes standard on every account. These statistics provide you with important data such as:

  • number of visitors
  • number of visits
  • page views
  • number of hits
  • the list of most popular pages
  • the list of referrals from other sites
  • the busiest hours
  • and more.

In addition to these statistics, you can also download the raw log files for each of your websites. These log files can be used for off-line analysis with a log analyser tool. Several tools are available, such as Web Trends, ClickTracks, etc.

Nextgen Technology does not offer Cold Fusion on its shared hosting service.
Nextgen Technology supports PHP5 as well as PHP7 on its Unix and Windows servers. You may choose which version you'd like to have.

Nextgen Technology only accepts cheque, direct deposit and EFTPOS.

Payment by Cheque

You can pay for your account with Cheque. Please allow for up to one week of processing. For your convenience we would recommend paying for a year in advance.

Nextgen Technology offers a wide range of technical support to help you get your website up and running. Our support starts from the very beginning at the pre-sales stage, ensuring that you have all the technical information you need to make an informed decision.

On the startup stage, we will help you familiarise yourself with our hosting environment and facilities, and ensure that your web applications can be deployed on our servers.

One of our focus is to provide excellent customer support to our existing customers. Should you have any questions or require any assistance from our technical support team, feel free to contact us.

Our support team can be contacted at any time by email or by submitting a question through our web site.

We have a Point of Presence in PNG - based in POM and are available for the cost of a local phonecall. Unlike other PNG based web hosts, our phones are monitored 24/7.

As a commitment to our effort in providing a solid and reliable website hosting service, we provide a Service Level Guarantee which gives 99.9% uptime guarantee.